Juego de puzzle digital para celular

3D video game

Super Mega Stellar

10 level Casual Puzzle game developed in Unreal Engine 4. In this adventure, our protagonist must travel this sci-fi world in search of her dog companion Spokki.
In order to do this, the player must manipulate the space and trails around her through translation, extrusion and rotation.  

Desarrollo de juegos para pc

PC board game

Granjeros Digital

Here we've taken the physical experience of the Granjeros board game into the digital world. This game, originally created by Chilean company E3P, is based in the principles of collaboration and sustainable economy, and the purpose of team building education through an interactive platform and digital design.

Videogame developers in southamerica

2D video game

Stuart and Peter

Fast paced platform game consisting of 3 worlds, each comprised of 7 stages. As you go forth, each adventure will become more difficult as you try to get Stuart to get to Peter, 2 male pengüins that get separated each night, as the ice they sleep in keeps melting.

Casual games for mobile phones

3D video game


We love the universe and fast spaceships, Who doesn't? This is why we developed this game, in which you'll pilot “The Slider”, an amazing ship that must travel through the galaxy dodging anything that comes it's way to make it to the other side.

Disen%cc%83o de personajes en 3d para web

2D and 3D design

Character "Lu"

As a digital solutions development Lab, all our projects start with paper and pencil. This is where we imagined what Lu would eventually become. Today he is a fully rendered 3D character with it's own look, style and feel.

Augmented reality videogame

Augmented Reality video game

Invaders Attack

Casual augmented reality game which requires a target or base in order to play it's 7 increasingly difficult levels. Avoid getting bitten as the Invaders jump to attack and infect you.

Augmented reality coffee menu

Augmented Reality mobile app

Interactive menu

Augmented reality development of an interactive menu. In this you can see, in real time, the description and price points of each featured product. It's an innovative way to integrate new technologies to chilean gourmet startups.

Animacion de logos en realidad aumentada

Augmented Reality for marketing

Area 51

Vector based logo, animated in 3DS Max, and created for the launch of Area 51 cowork space. In this project you can see the animated logo once you pointed your phone or tablet to the designated AR target. Then you'd experience different animations featuring the company's logo in motion.