Animacion de logos para empresas

Area 51

Vector based logo, animated in 3DS Max, and created for the launch of Area 51 cowork space. In this project you can see the animated logo once you pointed your phone or tablet to the designated AR target. Then you'd experience different animations featuring the company's logo in motion.   

Another of the many uses of Augmented Reality is marketing and advertising. In this opportunity, Area 51 requested to exhibit during their inauguration, an innovative element in Augmented Reality, which would be shown when pointing your mobile device at their logo or their event flyer.

In this case we vectorized the company's logo and later it was animated in 3DS Max, reaching a total of five different animations with their corresponding transitions, causing in the audience to come to know this new technology, but also recognizing the brand as innovative as the app by including augmented reality in their events.