Menu virtual de cafeteria con precios

Interactive menu

Augmented reality development of an interactive menu. In this you can see, in real time, the description and price points of each featured product. It's an innovative way to integrate new technologies to chilean gourmet startups.

Entrepreneurs are constantly reinventing themselves. That's why M&C, a family-owned cafeteria and homemade food restaurent, contacted us and the project we developed together came into being.

The only thing that customers should do after downloading the app on their mobile devices is to point to a specific image or target (this is the customer's decision, and in many cases the company logo is used for this). This will generate the cafeteria's menu and their products with a photo, description and prices on the customer's device.

For this project we tried to encourage customers to prefer homemade meals made with Chilean products and also to bring young people closer. That's why the information is understandable, concise, has unique photographs and included augmented reality technology.

This increased the curiosity of M&C's customers and the experience allowed them to have a better appreciation of the brand, associating it with a good experience and motivating them to recommend it to their acquaintances. In addition, thanks to this app, you always will be a fresh experience for your audience and you will have an innovative way to make your company known.

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