Juego en realidad aumentada an%cc%83o 2017

Invaders Attack

Casual augmented reality game which requires a target or base in order to play it's 7 increasingly difficult levels. Avoid getting bitten as the Invaders jump to attack and infect you.

This game transforms the user's home into a place soon to be infected by a group of nine microbes that live in metal boxes, from where they try to attack. The story was born after Fernando drew small monsters on the workshop whiteboard and, when Antonio saw them, believed they were bacterias for a new game. It was said and done. Today we are one of the select group of Chilean companies with a video game in Augmented Reality.

Invaders Attack was developed in Unity with the Vuforia API, and the characters were modeled and animated in 3DS Max. This video game is available for download on mobile devices from AppStore. Play with augmented reality wherever you want at any time, just use your mobile phone.

Microbes may look cute, but they bite!