Juego para pc en digital

Granjeros Digital

Here we've taken the physical experience of the Granjeros board game into the digital world. This game, originally created by Chilean company E3P, is based in the principles of collaboration and sustainable economy, and the purpose of team building education through an interactive platform and digital design.

Granjero's development began with a gathering of all the information, rules, requirements and new challenges inherent of the merge of the physical with the digital world. Later in the process, we continued developing a minimum viable prototype, to be able to play 100% of the game from a single computer, then set it to LAN connection (Local Area Network) and thus be able to play from multiple computers simultaneously with the support of a server. In addition, we developed a chat that allows users to be communicated at all times and come to an agreement with their neighbors, as would be done if they were gathered around a table playing.

Subsequently we developed the graphics, digital design and user experience, where each asset was modeled in 3D and rendered with V-Ray lighting, to give the users a feeling closer to reality, making that the physical and digital board resemble as much as possible. The development of the project culminates with the packaging and software's encryption to be used in company consulting and other activities.

With Granjeros, you can learn a new economy dynamic, where five people play and through fruit cultivation and harvesting, the players earn victory points. The more you collaborate with your neighbors, the more likely you are to improve your terrains and win the game, achieving a balance between the common good and the player's individual interests.