Character web and digital design

Character "Lu"

As a digital solutions development Lab, all our projects start with paper and pencil. This is where we imagined what Lu would eventually become. Today he is a fully rendered 3D character with it's own look, style and feel.

In a period of four months, we co-created "Lu" for one of our customers, the face of their brand and host of their virtual platform.

The process for this project was to begin with a great variety of sketches of different potential characters, following the requirements of the customer. Then we filtered through those drawings and made more sketches. After presenting more than 100 options, we agreed and selected three. The next stage was to develop each one of the selected threesome, presenting to the customer again several options and carrying out a process of discarding and modifications.

Once the character was chosen, the process of defining it's final look  and expressions began, and after presenting variations of each of the expressions, those were inked to check color, shadows, screen resistance and accessories.

Once all of the above were defined, the character was modeled in 3D with different expressions and accessories, then painted, and finally the corresponding renderers were made to be delivered.