Mobile casual video game

Stuart and Peter

Fast paced platform game consisting of 3 worlds, each comprised of 7 stages. As you go forth, each adventure will become more difficult as you try to get Stuart to get to Peter, 2 male peng├╝ins that get separated each night, as the ice they sleep in keeps melting.

For the development of this game, we used 2D graphics with 3D models renders, to give the feeling of tridimensionality. Regarding the IT development, we used Construct 2 , software that allows to develop projects effectively, especially for prototypes, where it's logic is based on a system of user behavior and is highly compatible with different formats when exporting the game.

The story of this game happens in the Arctic, where two penguins, Stuart and Peter, struggle to keep together so they can raise their little son. The problem is that they sleep on ice cubes and due to global warming, these melt every night, separating them from each other. This is why Stuart every morning wakes up and moves forward in the game to find Peter.