Juego de puzzle digital

Super Mega Stellar

10 level Casual Puzzle game developed in Unreal Engine 4. In this adventure, our protagonist must travel this sci-fi world in search of her dog companion Spokki.
In order to do this, the player must manipulate the space and trails around her through translation, extrusion and rotation.  

After Paige was granted the solar rings powers, becoming the Keeper of Light, she travels through a sci-fi world under her control. She transforms space and conquers all the obstacles that are presented to prevent the evil Ize from stealing the suns of Mega Stellar city. If Paige fails, Ize will cause the total darkness of the world they inhabit.

This is a casual video game with 3D graphics, developed with Unreal Engine 4. Although this software is usually used for PC projects development, Super Mega Stellar is available for mobile devices, affording it a wider audience and being able to provide entertainment to a bigger mass of people.

The level of complexity increases as the game progresses. In the first group of levels, you will got through a tutorial, learning  how to move and manipulate the game's space, while at more advanced levels, more characters, obstacles and mechanics are presented. For example, at the beginning the solar rings have two states (on / off) and later they have four states, and can simultaneously modify four paths to guide Paige to find Spokki.